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John is a retired Inspector/ Investigator with over 33 years in the fire service. John has painted over 60 personalized paintings over the years for many in the fire service. Jason Truesdale who is currently a firefighter with 12 years in the fire service. Todd Truesdale has 22 years in the fire service. John's daughter Kim Gerstner holds an executive position in Cincinnati, Ohio. John's wife Karen of 47 years makes up the rest of the company.





Our goal is to provide a great quality work to everyone who orders from us.

If you want to contact one of us personally you can use one of the emails listed below.


John or Karen   john@leatherheadprints.com           Kim  kim@leatherheadprints.com


Jason  jason@leatherheadprints.com                    Todd  todd@leatherheadprints.com

John the artist displaying his talent at FDIC

A big thank you goes out to the other exhibitors who helped us out on our show. Please check out their sites below to see all they have to offer.


www.rbfab.com -Selling Fire and EMS Gear


www.rescuetees.com - Carrying all kinds of apparel, collectables, decals, etc.


www.thebravest.com -Sells original FDNY Apparel, tools, Paul Conway Helmets, etc.


www.firenews.com - A publication for Fire, Rescue and EMS personnel.


www.challengecoinsrus.com/ - This is an excellent site to get your custom coins made.


 www.lapelpinsrus.com- Challenge Coins other site to make custom pins.


http://www.firemanschore.com/ - Check this site out owned by another brother fire fighter and his family.


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