Leatherhead LLC
           Our Gallery of all our prints are listed below.

Investigator- 001 ©

The Investigator helmet shield can be personalized along with evidence tag.

Irons- 002 ©

The Irons helmet shield can be personalized along with O.O.S. tag on hose.

American Hero- 003 ©

American Hero helmet shield personalized along with name on badge.

Officers Desk- 004 ©

The Officer’s Desk helmet shield can be personalized along with coffee cup.

Engine Company- 005 ©

Engine Company personalized on helmet shield.

Deputy- 006 ©

The Deputy can be personalized on name plate.

Presentation Helmet- 007 ©

Presentation helmet shield can be personalized along with the presented to tag on bugle.

Leatherhead Logo- 008 TM

No personalization done with this print.

Hazmat- 009 ©

For all Hazmat personnel personalization can be done on helmet and name placed on book.

Dalmation- 010 ©

The Dalmation personalized on helmet shield.

EMS -011 ©

EMS Print personalized on helmet shield.

FD Maltese Cross -012 ©

Personalized on helmet shield and Maltese Cross

Bagpipes with Old Glory -013 ©

Personalized on helmet shield

Red, White, & Blue Helmet 014 ©

Personalized on helmet shield and medal.

Big Dog  -015 ©

Personalized on the Helmet Shield

Car Wreck -016 ©

Personalized on helmet shield

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  Shift Command -017 ©

  Personalized Helmet Shield and post it note

Army Helmet - 018 ©

Personalized dog tags.

Truckee - 019 ©

Personalized helmet shield.

                 Fallen Hero - 020 ©

The only personalization on this one is the number on shield

Truck Ops. - 021 ©

Personalized helmet shield.

Reflections - 022 ©

Personalized helmet shield.

Hydrants of Yesteryear - 023 ©

Personalized helmet shield.

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               Check out where to locate us at FDIC 2008

                                      Just search for Leatherhead at  http://community.fdic.com for a map of our new location.


                                            All prints are at special price $180.00 plus tax if applicable, shipping and handling.


Note: To change a color of a helmet on any print there will be an additional  $45.00 charge.


Either register on our Catalog or leave contact information in Comments Box on the Secured Payment Site. This is to ensure we get your information for personalization of your print. If you have any questions about placing an order you can contact us by email or phone listed at the bottom this page.


                    Phone  (419) 234-1446



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